All The Latest Features of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Security - Posted On:2019-05-26 20:59:59 Source: bleepingcomputer

As with any major feature update, Microsoft brings new applications and features to Windows 10. The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is no different with new features such as the Windows Sandbox to test untrusted apps, a new Light Theme experience, and a decoupled Windows Search and Cortana. [...]

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New Bitcoin Scam Leads to Ransomware and Info-Stealing Trojans

Security - Posted On:2019-05-26 14:45:00 Source: bleepingcomputer

A series of web sites are pushing a scam promising $5-30 worth of free bitcoins a day simply by running their Bitcoin Collector program. In reality, this program does nothing but install ransomware or password-stealing Trojans onto a victim's computer. [...]

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Microsoft Says Windows 10 Your Phone App Can't Be Uninstalled

Security - Posted On:2019-05-26 10:29:57 Source: bleepingcomputer

Microsoft has stated that you will not be able to uninstall the Your Phone App from Windows 10 as it is now tightly integrated into the operating system. [...]

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A Closer Look at the New Windows 10 Light Theme

Security - Posted On:2019-05-25 19:00:00 Source: bleepingcomputer

The headline feature of Windows 10 May 2019 Update is probably the Windows Sandbox, but another useful addition is the new light theme for your Windows desktop. [...]

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Windows 10 1903 Being Blocked If Using Older BattlEye Software

Security - Posted On:2019-05-25 17:45:00 Source: bleepingcomputer

Microsoft has stated that they will not allow devices to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1903, otherwise known as the May 2019 Update, if they are running older versions of the anti-cheat software called BattlEye. This is because older versions of the software could cause Windows 10 to crash in version 1903. [...]

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Sectigo Responds to Chronicle's Report About Malware Signed by Their Certs

Security - Posted On:2019-05-25 17:45:00 Source: bleepingcomputer

Following Chronicle's study on signed malware registered on VirusTotal scanning service over a one-year period, Sectigo carried their own investigation to identify abused certificates and revoke them. [...]

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New unpatched macOS Gatekeeper Bypass Published Online

Security - Posted On:2019-05-25 10:59:57 Source: bleepingcomputer

Details have been released for an unpatched vulnerability in macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave) and below that allows a hacker to execute arbitrary code without user interaction. [...]

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The Week in Ransomware - May 24th 2019 - Smacking 'Em Down With Decryptors

Security - Posted On:2019-05-25 10:45:02 Source: bleepingcomputer

We had lots of new variants of existing ransomware and new ransomware found being distributed via malvertising campaigns and RIG exploit kit. The good news is that some of them were smacked down with decryptors! [...]

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macOS Unpatched for Executing Untrusted Code off the Network

Security - Posted On:2019-05-25 04:44:58 Source: bleepingcomputer

Proof-of-concept code has been released for an unpatched vulnerability in macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave) that allows a hacker to execute arbitrary code without user interaction. [...]

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Firefox 67 Switching to Empty Profiles Causing Data Loss Fears

Security - Posted On:2019-05-24 17:30:00 Source: bleepingcomputer

Mozilla Firefox users are reporting that when they upgrade to the latest Firefox 67, they are finding that their addons are missing, their customizations are gone, and their history is gone. This is being caused by the browser creating new profiles for Firefox 67 and using that instead of the original one. [...]

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Windows 10 1903 Insiders Test Fix For USB Drives Blocking Upgrades

Security - Posted On:2019-05-24 14:45:00 Source: bleepingcomputer

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 version 1903 KB4497935 cumulative update to Insiders in the Slow and Release rings for testing before being pushed out to everyone. [...]

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BlueKeep RCE Flaw Gets Micropatch for Always-On Servers

Security - Posted On:2019-05-24 13:30:00 Source: bleepingcomputer

The 0patch platform issued a fix for the Remote Desktop Services RCE vulnerability known as BlueKeep, in the form of a 22 instructions micropatch which can be used to protect always-on servers against exploitation attempts. [...]

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German Minister Wants Secure Messengers To Decrypt Chats

Security - Posted On:2019-05-24 12:15:01 Source: bleepingcomputer

Germany's Interior Minister Horst Seehofer purportedly wants to force messaging providers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Threema to provide plain text chats to law enforcement agencies on a court order as reported by Der Spiegel and from a number of other German news outlets. [...]

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Windows 10 May 2019 Update Not Installing on Some AMD Systems

Security - Posted On:2019-05-24 09:44:56 Source: bleepingcomputer

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update does not install on systems powered by AMD Ryzen or AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors with AMD RAID drivers prior to and configured in SATA or NVMe RAID mode. [...]

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Using the Windows Sandbox to Stay Safe Online

Security - Posted On:2019-05-24 08:14:57 Source: bleepingcomputer

One of the more interesting features of Windows 10 version 1903, otherwise known as the May 2019 Update, is the Windows Sandbox. The Windows Sandbox is a Windows 10 virtual machine that can be quickly launched so you can test downloaded programs and browsers extensions without risk of infecting your normal Windows operating system. [...]

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Microsoft Pulls Edge Dev Update After Browser Launch Issues

Security - Posted On:2019-05-24 08:14:57 Source: bleepingcomputer

Following user reports that the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser Dev branch was failing to start after updating to the version released yesterday, Microsoft pulled the update and is now working on a fix. [...]

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Android Users Being Spammed Using Fake Missed Call Alerts

Security - Posted On:2019-05-23 19:59:59 Source: bleepingcomputer

Scammers are abusing the Notifications and Push APIs and Google Chrome on Android devices to push spam alerts customized to look like a missed phone call. [...]

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Upgraded JasperLoader Malware Adds Anti-Analysis Mechanisms

Security - Posted On:2019-05-23 15:59:59 Source: bleepingcomputer

A new and upgraded variant of the JasperLoader malware downloader has been observed in the wild actively targeting Italian victims and featuring new capabilities such as extra layers of obfuscation, anti-analysis mechanisms, and geofencing abilities. [...]

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Two More Windows 10 Zero-Day PoC Exploits Released, Brings Total to 4

Security - Posted On:2019-05-23 13:15:00 Source: bleepingcomputer

After releasing exploit code for three zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows 10 over the past 48 hours, security researcher and exploit developer SandboxEscaper today has published two more, bypass for the CVE-2019-0841 patch and LPE PoC exploit dubbed InstallerBypass. [...]

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Version 1903 Security Baseline

Security - Posted On:2019-05-23 12:45:01 Source: bleepingcomputer

Microsoft announced today the final version of its security configuration baseline settings for Windows 10 Version 1903 and Windows Server Version 1903, downloadable today using the Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit. [...]

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