This is what the Huawei P30 will look like

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-21 14:00:00 Source: techcrunch

You can already find many leaked photos of Huawei’s next flagship device — the P30 and P30 Pro. The company is set to announce the new product at an event in Paris next week. So here’s what you should expect. Reliable phone leaker Evan Blass tweeted many different photos of the new devices in three […]

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Apple announces new AirPods

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-20 09:14:57 Source: techcrunch

Apple has just announced the second-generation AirPods. The new AirPods are fitted with the H1 chip, which is meant to offer performance efficiencies, faster connect times between the pods and your devices, and the ability to ask for Siri hands-free with the “Hey Siri” command. Because of its performance efficiency, the H1 chip also allows […]

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The 9 biggest questions about Google’s Stadia game streaming service

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-19 17:45:00 Source: techcrunch

Google's Stadia is an impressive piece of engineering to be sure: Delivering high definition, high framerate, low latency video to devices like tablets and phones is an accomplishment in itself. But the game streaming services faces serious challenges if it wants to compete with the likes of Xbox and PlayStation, or even plain old PCs and smartphones. Here are our 9 biggest questions about the new platform.

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Here’s how you’ll access Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-19 15:15:00 Source: techcrunch

Google isn’t launching a gaming console. The company is launching a service instead, Stadia. You’ll be able to run a game on a server and stream the video feed to your device. You won’t need to buy new hardware to access Stadia, but Stadia won’t be available on all devices from day one. “With Google, […]

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Google is creating its own first-party game studio

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-19 14:30:01 Source: techcrunch

Google just unveiled Stadia at a conference in San Francisco, its cloud gaming platform. While most of the conference showcased well-known games you can play on your PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4, the company also announced that it is launching its own first-party game studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment. Jade Raymond is going to […]

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Google scores a custom AMD GPU to power its Stadia cloud gaming hardware

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-19 14:15:01 Source: techcrunch

Google's new Stadia game streaming service may be great for people who don't own a powerful PC or console, but those games have to run somewhere — specifically, in a Google datacenter. And the hardware they run on will be largely powered by a custom graphics card from AMD that, on paper at least, puts the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X to shame.

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Apple updates iMac Pro options

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-19 11:30:01 Source: techcrunch

While Apple refreshed the iMac lineup this morning, the default iMac pro that you can buy for $4,999 remains the same. But Joe Rossignol from MacRumors spotted some changes in the configure-to-order options. You can now buy an iMac Pro with 256GB of 2,666MHz DDR4 ECC memory — not storage, RAM. But that will cost […]

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Intel and Cray are building a $500 million ‘exascale’ supercomputer for Argonne National Lab

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-18 19:16:00 Source: techcrunch

In a way, I have the equivalent of a supercomputer in my pocket. But in another, more important way, that pocket computer is a joke compared with real supercomputers — and Intel and Cray are putting together one of the biggest ever with a half-billion-dollar contract from the Department of Energy. It's going to do exaflops!

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Apple launches new iPad Air and iPad mini

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-18 09:14:57 Source: techcrunch

Apple has refreshed its iPad lineup with a press release. The company is (finally) updating the iPad mini and adding a new iPad Air. This model sits between the entry-level 9.7-inch iPad and the 11-inch iPad Pro in the lineup. All new models now support the Apple Pencil, but you might want to double check […]

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Valve lets you stream Steam games from anywhere

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-14 14:15:01 Source: techcrunch

Valve doesn’t want to miss the cloud gaming bandwagon. As PC Gamer spotted, The company quietly released a beta version of Steam Link Anywhere. As the name suggests, it lets you turn your gaming PC into a cloud gaming server and stream games from… anywhere. The company’s strategy is a bit puzzling here as Valve […]

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Opportunity’s last Mars panorama is a showstopper

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-13 15:45:01 Source: techcrunch

The Opportunity Mars Rover may be officially offline for good, but its legacy of science and imagery is ongoing — and NASA just shared the last (nearly) complete panorama the robot sent back before it was blanketed in dust.

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Microsoft shows off Project xCloud with Forza running on an Android phone

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-13 05:44:59 Source: techcrunch

Microsoft has shared some more information and the first look at Project xCloud. The company has been working on a cloud game streaming service for a while. Microsoft is preparing the future of gaming platforms with a device-agnostic service that lets you stream games made for the Xbox One. And the first demo is Forza […]

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Zortrax makes high-resolution 3D printing easier and cheaper

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-11 13:15:00 Source: techcrunch

3D printers have come a long way since the early days of RepRap and DIY hacker culture. First they flew to great heights with companies like MakerBot and Formlabs, which aimed to create a prosumer product for designers, educators and makers. Then they fell to the doldrums when they became commodity hardware. Many people believed […]

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Zortrax makes high resolution 3D printing easier and cheaper

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-11 09:29:57 Source: techcrunch

3D printers have come a long way since the early days of RepRap and DIY hacker culture. First they flew to great heights with companies like Makerbot and Formlabs who aimed to create a prosumer product for designers, educators, and makers and then they fell to the doldrums when they became commodity hardware. Many people […]

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Over a quarter of US adults now own a smart speaker, typically an Amazon Echo

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-08 14:45:00 Source: techcrunch

U.S. smart speaker owners grew 40 percent over 2018 to now reach 66.4 million — or 26.2 percent of the U.S. adult population — according to a new report from and Voicify released this week, which detailed adoption patterns and device market share. The report also reconfirmed Amazon Echo’s lead, noting the Alexa-powered smart […]

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Apple could launch augmented reality headset in 2020

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-08 11:45:01 Source: techcrunch

According to a new report from Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5mac), a reliable analyst on all things Apple, the company has been working on an augmented reality headset and is about to launch the device. This pair of glasses could go into mass production as early as Q4 2019 and should be available at some point […]

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SpaceX makes history by completing first private crew capsule mission

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-08 11:45:01 Source: techcrunch

SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule has safely splashed down in the Atlantic, making it the first privately built crew-capable spacecraft ever to complete a mission to the International Space Station. It's one of several firsts SpaceX plans this year, but Boeing is hot on its heels with a crew demonstrator of its own — and of course the real test is doing the same thing with astronauts aboard.

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Leica’s Q2 is a beautiful camera that I want and will never have

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-07 20:00:00 Source: techcrunch

Leica is a brand I respect and appreciate but don't support. Or rather, can't, because I'm not fabulously rich. But if I did have $5,000 to spend on a fixed-lens camera, I'd probably get the new Q2, a significant improvement over 2015's Q — which tempted me back then.

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Sonos refreshes Sonos One with better components

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-06 16:00:01 Source: techcrunch

Sonos is launching the most minor of minor updates. The company is launching a revision to its flagship speaker, the Sonos One. Sonos is calling this new speaker the Sonos One Gen 2, and it is nearly identical to existing Sonos One. When it comes to sound and design, the second generation looks just like […]

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You can now ask Alexa to control your Roku devices

Gadgets - Posted On:2019-03-05 13:45:01 Source: techcrunch

Roku this morning announced its devices will now be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Through a new Roku skill for Alexa, Roku owners will be able to control their devices in order to do things like launch a channel, play or pause a show, search for entertainment options and more. Roku TV owners will additionally be […]

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